8 Bits & Joysticks was a weekly podcast dedicated to the music of video games, and all things gaming. Its origins date back to 2012 at Monmouth University's college station, WMCX, as an FM show that aired on the weekends. It eventually transitioned to a podcast, where it ran from 2014-2015. 

While new episodes are no longer being produced, we hope you enjoy this archive of all of our podcast episodes that made it to iTunes. And who knows, perhaps this show will get an extra life someday! 

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The Cast

andrew studio.jpg

Andrew Padula

Founder and producer of the show. Andrew is currently working on his next podcast, The 100 Film Redemption, where he talks about movies and how bad he is at watching them.
Follow him on Instagram for updates on his projects.

miles studio.jpg

Miles Brueckner

Co-host and admin to our once sprawling and mighty Minecraft server. He's currently working on his very own video game!

sean toomanygames.jpg

Sean Hughes

Co-host and mini-fridge artist. Sean is a published author, freelance artist, and animator. Check out his website to see more of his work, and follow him on Instagram for updates!